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The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) provides help to low income households by paying a portion of their heating bills. Households with the lowest income and the highest heating costs receive the greatest benefit. LIHEAP services include:

  • Financial aid to pay a portion of heating costs.
  • Crisis intervention for no heat situations.
  • Negotiations between utility companies and consumers to allow bill payment, thereby avoiding disconnections.
  • Referral to weatherization and other human service programs.

Facts About Energy Assistance

  • This help is for people of all ages with all types of income and heating fuels.
  • You should apply for help before you get a past-due bill or run out of fuel.
  • The program will not pay all of your heat costs. You will have to pay for the rest.
  • You can apply if you have your heat costs in your rent.
  • We can tell you about other help available and how to save energy.
  • All information you give us is private.

Income Eligibility Guidelines

Based on 50% SMI or 110%* of federal poverty guidelines, whichever is greater

Household Size Annual Income 3 Month Max. Guidelines
1 $25,000 $6,250
2 $32,692 $8,173
3 $40,385 $10,096
4 $48,077 $12,019
5 $55,769 $13,942
6 $63,462 $15,865
7 $64,904 $16,226
8 $66,346 $16,586
9 $67,789 $16,947
10 $69,231 $17,307

Guidelines Change Annually

Service Area

The Minnesota Counties of East Polk, Pennington and Red Lake.

Mail Applications To:

Inter-County Community Council
ATTN: Energy Assistance Programs
PO Box 189
Oklee, MN 56742